Monday, April 24, 2006

things that are smooth

over the past year, it has become increasingly clear to me that i often attempt to express anxiety by ironing.

if i am really anxious, i will also use starch.

for example, before my trip to Germany last fall, I compulsively ironed and starched every item that went into my suitcase. during fall term finals, my iron was not permitted to cool off for 2 weeks straight.

so, okay, i have a feeling that the obvious psychoanalytic conclusion finds me projecting my desire to eradicate wrinkles and to make things smooth. also, i associate ironing with my dad - he's supernaturally good at it - and my dad is a notably calm and calming person. the way he irons is almost an art. it's also superfluous, since he's so good at folding laundry that he rarely needs to press.

of course, there may be some issues with aging at work here, too.

i have also recently discovered Shashi's method for wrinkle control (if not anxiety removal): "I steam." now that's interesting. Shashi's outfits are the sartorial equivalent of my dad's demeanor - preternaturally wrinkle-free. so what does that mean? and further, does Shashi own a steamer or does he simply, but expertly, employ the "hanging clothes in the shower" trick?

can you see how these questions might be very important to my psyche ?


Anonymous srt said...

I do in fact own and operate a steamer; however, as was confirmed yesterday, I am a jail-bait-jedi and as such, use nothing more than psychic energy to keep my clothes wrinkle free.

"You *will* see no wrinkles..."

"you...nameless teeny bopper with the 'S' curve body...will take my class, and visit me often in my office while remaining quiet lest the attraction bubble burst when you speak..."

"you...brilliant grad student...complement me on your blog..."


10:04 AM  

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