Tuesday, April 18, 2006

there's this

jumping up and down thing that i do when i have finished something. i'm doing it right now.

and then i think "Oh. *Great*! This goes on *forever*."


Blogger kfd313 said...

so maybe that's why I never finish anything (or struggle mightily against the finish line). I mean what's the point? It's *never* gonna be over....
like when i was a kid (always a bad start to any sentence), i hated starting anything--taking a bath, going to sleep, turning off the Tv, coming in from outside--it's the opposite end of the refusal of closure. wait, does that make any sense? fuck it, i'm tiiirrreeedd....maybe b/c i'm not finished, or not finished delaying starting, or am never inclined to finish with delaying the start of something or or (quoi?)

2:00 PM  

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