Sunday, April 23, 2006


the fundamental device of all structuring.

nothing keeps you grounded like taking a break from paper-writing to plunge your elderly neighbor's toilet.

yes, you heard me. let that sit for a minute.

just when you begin to think that the work might be your undoing, and there you are flailing around inside your head, the world intervenes.

helen: "if i knew the clog was closer to the surface, i'd just reach in there and clear it out with my hand."

me: "helen, listen. i don't care how tempted you may be. do not ever reach into your toilet drain."

if you'll allow a little self promotion, i did get the clog cleared. it took 20 minutes, and it was, frankly, a bit messy, but i got the job done.

helen: "turn it on! see if it works!" and then the sweet sound of the flush.


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