Thursday, March 16, 2006

itchy and scratchy

i'd like to thank the women who made the wine "for women" for giving me hives.

listen, i know you didn't mean to do it. and your wine was quite good. i enjoyed drinking it. but after the first glass, i started to get a little scratchy and red around the neck. since we were talking about school, and since the anxiety wrought by school frequently gives me hives, i initially attributed this outbreak to my well documented allergy to stress.

well, not so much. school-hives usually limit themselves to my body. whence the itchy redness spreads to my face, i know i'm dealing with a real allergy. that's where the wine comes in. i don't love having an itchy, swollen face. so i won't be drinking this wine again. no offense.

worst part is, i can't take anti-histamines. my body doesn't do them; in fact, benadryl makes me hallucinate. the last time i took it for hives, i thought that my apartment walls were composing ambient techno for my enjoyment. not such a bad hallucination, but still. any deviation from straight-up lucidity is too much for this girl.

so i have to sit it out, which is a shame because i have border's coupons that need to be used today on books i need to buy. so if you see me at border's on woodward and maple later: it's not contagious.


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