Friday, February 10, 2006


oh, students.

this is a part of a student response paper relating to an experimental film we watched in class. i hope that the writer has some idea how great this is, even with the grammatical errors. i haven't read such an example of really true, pure, voice from one of my students in a long time.

"Detroit is the city in which I grew up... A town is smaller than a city. The street identifies a smaller connection. I live between Puritan and Six Mile. This can really divide a person... There is a Six and a Seven Mile gang... I think of lane as the main street, which is Lawton. 16803 is the address to my yard. My bed is in my room, which is a representation of me. The flower is symbolic to a person. The flower brings out the characteristics of the bed. This is one way to recognize the home in which I live in."

"this is one way to recognize the home in which i live in [sic]" : makes me want to cry.

and not in the way that student papers USUALLY make me want to cry.


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