Tuesday, December 06, 2005

two poems for tubingen

Fray sicken under belligerent variety tease blunderings
at most far wish deny drink , swear, clean, wine eyes watch you stepping round.
Have air potential gone scenic her house so real and, warnings in ruck-sacks.
It’s wrongs aloof, instinctive in her hair abusing heights, we each an own force stomach a runner, that sick searching remembrance, eyes best timed ten falls using, to die can force her seas to reemerge.
Undermine chaste and height in my eyes all excite the rock and under them eyes understood myself in my eyes verisimil identities, is it the last at times her entrance then forced as mine sulks toward inches undoes my salt nickels under inverse wind.
Eyes infirm for searching far verses wind in buildings as much has tell blisse.

Many edging heights get strategy first, it’s states at all like you were minding meddlings
in houses so where utter workings send.
One never halts it’s hard in back house comments, that stage
ignorance bemusing months? Over seas soldered into choreography days work hurts her to music,
Daimler Chrysler seeing and remiss, under decent and kind utterings,
Light, the other Answers with Consequence.
When I hear in mild orchestrations.


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