Wednesday, November 23, 2005

more drama, please

this morning, mary j blige was on the "Today" show.

yes, i watch the "Today" show. But that's not what this post is about.

this post is about mary j blige being so cool. for real. mary j blige is really great. everytime i see her perform, on tv or whatever, i feel like she's having a party and i'm invited. she's smart. she's got great style. and she can sing. or rather, she can sang.

she's the queen of hip-hop soul, and rightfully so. she's not doing anything specifically subversive. she's just being unremittantly great. there's got to be a message in that somewhere. recently, at the vibe awards, she blasted the magazine while accepting her award for, she said, airbrushing her recent cover photo to make her look less black. which i don't understand, because mary j blige is beautiful. but i do know that i get behind any celebrity who refuses to pretend that she looks like her airbrushed photos.

go, mary j, go.


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