Wednesday, February 15, 2006

79 (a number i've always been fond of)

From Joelsin:

An excerpt from "Authored in Conversation: Tubingen 2005"

"Everyone pays their own bill—all go Dutch in Deutschland. The euro coins have made it so that servers carry a black leather pouch with a huge pocket for loose change and slots for bills—10% is the tip, or round up to the nearest bill; all prices are set this way: € 9,40, say for dinner.

The superstructure is the _expression of the infrastructure […] the collective, from the first, expresses the condition of its life. These find their _expression in the dream and their interpretation in the waking (PW 392).

I tip—awake—around 20% the whole time I’m there.

Windows are outside of the frame; ashtray and lighter on the sill outside; they were often left open, even in the winter.

One friend of mine burned nothing but books. […] Wooden buildings were dismantled and burned. Big buildings devoured small ones (Shklovsky, Knight’s Move 13).

Bad pop music—that plays on a turntable—made in the seventies by the Germans under the influence of Giorgio Moroder, but none of it that good, is coming back.

The clash between word and gesture […] “Take your places” (Shklovsky 102-6).

A rigorous distinction between historical responsibility and societal guilt: “we [the current German generation, currently being voiced by Johanna, who gave me a room for free] don’t want anymore to hear about the ‘poor Jews.’ Often I see menorahs in windows—it is Johanna who tells me these folks probably aren’t Jewish, only succumbing to guilt.

[I]f the existence of violence outside the law, as pure immediate violence, is assured, this furnishes the proof that revolutionary violence, the highest manifestation of unalloyed violence by man, is possible, and by what means (Benjamin, Reflections 300).

The strasse—‘little street,’ both narrow and short.

The city became a book in my hands (Benjamin, Selected Writings 477).

The longestrasse—‘long, short street.’

The thing splits into its reflections and opposites (Shklovsky 74)."

(I'll publish more if he'll let me).


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