Monday, January 23, 2006


ephemera, part one-billion:

in shower this morning, decided i need an "in-shower" to-do list. there is just so much to take care of in the shower. when did i become such a victim of bath-product capitalism? my shower is so filled with paraphrenilia, utensils, and product that there's barely room for little old me. whereas for my Dad, bathing is him, some flowing water, and a single bar of soap. maybe some hand lotion when he gets out. and he is one of the best-groomed and nicest-smelling people I know.

chocolate on pillowcase again this morning. i am so guilty.

spent some time this morning trading crock-pot recipes on-line. when did THIS happen? remember when i used to be cool? remember? remember? although if they could see me, most of the other recipe traders probably wouldn't feed their families anything i suggested. optional garnish: xanax, anyone?

so now i'm heading out to do errands. on list: bar soap, white chocolate, mom-jeans.


Anonymous kiai said...

As someone who knows you, you are cool. and xanax as a garnish, is always appropriate.

9:52 PM  

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