Sunday, September 18, 2005

still sitting

easy-chair attempt aborted.
there is some REALLY ugly furniture out there. my options are slowly dwindling. i could call up the Pottery Barn and get a chair that matches my neighborhood (ie the suburbs), but which i hate. the problem is the design aesthetic in my apartment, which has variously been described as "spare," "minimalist," "depressing," and "non-existent." i have almost no furniture, which is why i so desperately need a chair. the problem then becomes: where do i find a chair that matches "nothing?"
for most of my childhood, when asked my favorite color, i invariably replied: "clear." swear to god.
and i also need a bed, but the idea of a real bed, with a box spring and frame and -- god forbid -- a headboard, sends me into spasms of anxiety. if only i could get my mattress to float 18 inches above the floor.

design advice appreciated. psychiatric advice coveted.


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