Wednesday, September 14, 2005

portrait of the blogger as a young....

for years i have argued with myself over the relative merits/dangers of having a blog. i have been excited about the idea of self-publishing, of having a forum to share my irrelevant/ irreverant thoughts with an unsuspecting public, and of linking - networking - conversing with others doing the same thing. at one and the same time, i have been put off by the seeming self-importance, shameless self-promotion, and obvious self-centeredness of many, many bloggers. so i put off starting a blog until i could justify it to myself and until i could be sure that i was doing it for the right reasons.

and then i was assigned to write a blog for class.

what kind of blogger would i be ? i had to decide. would i be a humble conversationalist, selflessly trying to use words to become part of a growing (yet imploding) global community? or would i be a verbose, self- aggrandizing, pretentious asshole, typing only in lowercase and trying with each phrase to prove how cool i am, all the while blowing my own personal brand of smoke up the world's ass?

like this:

it turns out, looking at my first post, that i am the second kind of blogger, the asshole kind. i'm that person who i always said shouldn't have a blog. that's it, go tell my mother i'm cussing in the house. shit.

i love to hear myself talk! why, god, why?


Blogger Mary Karcher said...

Because you are and english major! I think we all as english majors, by nature, love words, and lkove to hear them come out of our own mouths!

12:04 PM  

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